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Hope Academy is the newest campus of the Denver Street School, a 501-c-3 nonprofit Christian high school in the Denver metro area for grades 9-12. The academy was created specifically for adolescent girls 12-17 having suffered complex trauma such as human trafficking (something we want to help end). We want to help these girls graduate with their diplomas while overcoming the adversity of being a low-income minority youth. We strive to bring healing, self-confidence, and empowerment within a safe and loving environment for them to earn their high school diploma with the tools needed to create a successful future for themselves. Hope Academy helps them heal through creativity, imagination, love, and laughter.

Denver Street School is accepting students like Jack, who was once a heroin dealer but is now a college graduate and giving back to his community, and who often struggle in traditional public school settings. DSS is privately funded and accredited. Low-income minority youth have found great success within these walls, thanks to academic learning, life-skills building, career preparation, and spiritual and emotional development. Adults who have recovered from addictions and trauma in their youth often return to old habits and lifestyles. This happens when they lack self-esteem and because they still don’t have the tools they need for self-sufficiency. Denver Street School offers these tools, including life counseling, tutoring, mentoring, athletic opportunities, individualized career counseling and testing, faculty advocacy, and health care referrals.

Arbor Dental group actively supports the Denver Street School, helping students whose families face chronic instability and limited positive role models. Denver Street School helps students struggling academically, socially, and emotionally with minimal or no family structure in the home. Using a Christian, family-centered approach, Denver Street School meets a student’s academic, social and emotional needs through teaching and counseling so they can graduate and ultimately thrive. When you donate to Denver Street School, Arbor Dental is matching your donation as part of a general fundraiser for the whole school. We welcome our patients to donate anything they can; no amount is too small! Arbor Dental will match your donation up to $2,500.

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